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A. Donwerth-Chikamatsu

September 7, 2020
by anniedc

Garden Cat(s)

A year ago this cat came to our neighbor’s garden. I noticed his ear was clipped which meant that he was a male and he had been neutered. So, it was okay (legal) to feed him.

We named him Milo. He eats and sleeps in our garden but also sleeps in the neighbor’s garden. He stays away from us when we come near, but he has made himself at home. Look how happy he is.

Here’s Milo relaxing in the neighbor’s garden.

I thought Milo would keep other cats away, but this yellow cat has come twice this summer wanting something to eat. Milo shares.

Both ears are clipped. Here he/she is sitting in the neighbor’s garden. I am inviting him to eat.

I don’t think Milo will share his winter house.

House and “porch” covered with artificial grass. Have plans to redo.

Here is Our History with Kittens and Cats

On 9-11-07, we rescued four little kittens in a neighbor’s garden. The neighbor couldn’t handle it. And the mother hadn’t been around. I had never had a cat in my life before. I was the one who was rescued.

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September 7, 2020  The Garden Cat(s)

 The Cat in Beyond Me, a middle grade novel set in March 2011

October 21, 2008
by anniedc

Fish Heads & Cages


We rescued four stray kittens from our neighbor’s garden last fall. We caught their mother. We took her to the vet to be spayed so she won’t have more kittens. This fall, a young cat is coming to our garden. We’re trying to catch it to take it to the vet. There are many stray cats in our area. Feeding a stray cat without having it spayed or neutered is prohibited. There is a volunteer group that is trying to catch all the cats. They want to spay and neuter them and then release them. They lent us this cage.

The young cat is very clever. We’ve been trying to catch it for more than a week. The vet suggested tying a fish head in the cage. I tried that, but I caught the big Papa cat instead. We took him to the vet. I had to buy another fish head but couldn’t find one. I bought this piece of fish instead. I hope we catch the young cat!

P.S. I caught another cat instead! A big tomcat. Then after a big effort I caught the young cat. Yikes, this is expensive!

August 28, 2006
by anniedc

Another Use for PET Bottles

A few years ago, someone on TV suggested to fill PET (plastic) bottles with water and then put them where you don’t want cats to go. Some cats use planters as toilets, I guess. These pictures were taken on a busy street next to a small shop. I’m not sure if the PET bottles keep cats away. We don’t have any problem with cats coming to our garden. Actually, cats would be welcomed.

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