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A. Donwerth-Chikamatsu

School Day Trip: Kewpie Mayonaise Company Again



Little Brother went to Kewpie Mayonaise Company today. Elementary school students in the area take a tour of the factory. Little Brother went in elementary school with his fifth grade class. Today he went with a group of his junior high school classmates to do an interview for a project. The company requested that a teacher accompany them. Each one of them were given a bag of stuff.

The company uses the kewpie doll as its logo and mascot.

There is a big kewpie doll in a glass ball outside the factory. It is dressed in different outfits for each season. I hope to go this summer to get a photo of the doll wearing its summer yukata. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

They were given a bottle of mayonaise. This is the size that is sold in shops. Little Brother got a small sample when he went on his elementary school tour. Little Brother likes to eat mayonaise on broccoli like Papa, Baba and Aunt.

This is another product the company makes. It is a small packet of margarine and jam. They were given a package of four.

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