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Fifth Grade Class Schedule



This is Little Brother’s fifth grade class schedule from last fall 2006. The kanji on the left at the top says ji kan wari hyou (schedule). It is one word, but I separated it to make it easier to pronounce. Check the link to see how to pronounce it. The grade (5) and the class (2) are written in the middle and then the semester September 1 – December 25. Underneath are the days of the week in kanji. Each day except Wednesday had six periods of study. They had two recesses and lunch every day, too.

Here are the things he studied in the fifth grade (I put them in order of first period, second period, etc.):

Monday– homeroom, social studies, Japanese, research & presentation, calligraphy, and club.

Tuesday–math, Japanese, home economics for two periods, science, outdoor gym.

Wednesday–Japanese, music, social studies, math, research & presentation.

Thursday–social studies, Japanese, arts & crafts for two periods, math, ethics.

Friday–indoor gym, math, Japanese, science, music, research & presentation.

As you can see, they had different subjects every day. They studied Japanese every day, but at different times of the day. During that time, they learned new kanji, practiced them, and read stories. Little Brother takes his new sixth grade schedule to school with him every day. I’ll try to post a picture of it at a later date.

Dr. Bestor’s pronunciation chart

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