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A. Donwerth-Chikamatsu

Cooking For School



The fifth grade classes took a school trip to the mountains in October. Each student signed up for a task. Some students fed the pigs. Some cleaned the barn, etc. Little Brother signed up to learn how to make potato bread. At the end of November (before concert practice began), boys from the group came to our house to make potato bread. They were going to teach the fourth grade students how to make it. The boys wanted to do it again to remember the steps. Fourth graders will go to the mountains next year. They will have to choose a task.

The boys made it downstairs in Obaachan’s kitchen because we have two dogs upstairs that go wild when visitors come.

There are some steps missing here. They made the dough and let it rise. They peeled and boiled sweet potatoes. They mashed them and put them inside the dough. They shaped the rolls. I am not sure where the pictures of the cooked potatoes are. The boys did this part.

The rolls were steamed. Aunt did this part.

Aunt took them out of the steamer.

Then she browned them.

Everybody ate and enjoyed them. I took pictures.

The fifth graders had to take their aprons and a bandana and an obentou box last week. They cooked their lunch at school. Click on the label below and find out other things they do at school.

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