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A. Donwerth-Chikamatsu

Sports Day Event: The Finale


This is the last event of the competition at Little Brother’s school. The red team is on one end of the field. The white team is on the other. Each team has a big ball. The balls are moved over the heads of the team and then rolled across the playground back to the starting plate. This is done twice. They do a tiebreaker if there is a tie.

At the end of this event, everyone goes back to their seats. The small band leads them back onto the playground to stand at attention in lines while the final score is displayed on the side of the school building.

Then the principal makes a speech, team leaders thank their teams, and they all do some exercises. They go back to get their chairs to take them back to their classrooms. The red team won both times in this event but both teams tied in the final score! Everyone was happy.

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