Here and There Japan

by Annie Donwerth-Chikamatsu

September 28, 2013
by anniedc

Toray Pan Pacific Open 30th Anniversary

IMG_7864Papa received tickets to the last day of the Toray Pan Pacific Open, an international women’s tennis tournament. We went way across Tokyo to the Ariake Coliseum. I could only take photos during the breaks or at the beginning of the matches. I thought it was interesting that cameramen used reed window shades to protect their cameras from the hot sun. Practically every window in Japan has one during the summer. Today the September sun was so hot until, fortunately for us and my camera, clouds rolled in and covered it. Anything else interesting about this photo?

Ball girls in Japan have cushions for their knees! Is that done anywhere else?

IMG_7894.CR2Have you ever seen athletes come out carrying their gear and bouquets of flowers before a match? Only in Japan? Sweet.

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